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What we’re all about

We know. You’re tired of your rehearsal space: the tiny room, the paper-thin walls, the shady attitude thrown at you from the other bands in the hallway, the foul bathroom, no heat in the winter or A/C in the summer… The list goes on and on. We’ll bet you’re also sick of having to practice only on certain days where it’s virtually impossible to get all of your band-mates together and get anything significant accomplished.

We’re here to help.

King Killer Studios is a rehearsal facility located conveniently in Gowanus, Brooklyn, directly between the M/R trains at 4th Ave and the F/G trains at Smith/9th St.

We offer tons of amenities: Oversized rooms with ample sound reinforcement; high ceilings that afford you tons of in-room storage options; central heat and A/C in every room; a client lobby with stereo, TV/DVD player, and WiFi; a roll-down garage for safely loading and unloading equipment; a lift for bringing your gear straight up to your room… Our list goes on and on, as well.

We’ve created a space that extends beyond practice in a number of ways. We encourage our members to interact and collaborate, and because of that have achieved a communally creative atmosphere that other studios don’t really offer. We’re not hippies or anything (not that there’s anything wrong with you if you are — well, maybe a bit less pachouli, okay?), but we created this place because we’ve been in many different spaces, and always felt like we could do better. We know you’ve felt it, too, so you should come join us.

Serious bands need a space that feels like an extension of home in order to feel comfortable and creative.  This is what King Killer offers.  With ample rehearsal space, a member lobby for meeting new people and hanging out, a stage for showcases, a vending machine with delicious libations, and a thriving and supportive musical community unlike anything in the 5 boroughs, it’s the place to be if you’re in a Brooklyn band.

Hit the contact link for more info or to schedule a tour.  Your band deserves it; we promise to not disappoint.


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i noticed you said prospective tennants can come check out the studio for themselves. i might be really tired, but i cant seem to find an address anywhere on the website. where the hell are you guys?

Comment by Bobby

69 Second Ave., corner of 9th St., beautiful Gowanus. Info is under the Contact Us tab, top left.

Comment by kingkillerstudios

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