King Killer Studios – Brooklyn Music Rehearsal Spaces

Prospective Tenants’ FAQ

I’m interested in leasing space at King Killer. What’s next?

You should come on down and have a look, first of all, but here’s what we offer our tenants:

1. rooms up to 240 square feet in size

2. 24-hour access (that includes our garage and lift, for easy load-ins and -outs at your convenience)

3. extensive soundproofing

4. video security

5. electric and central heat/AC included in rental price

6. a lounge area with TV/DVD player, wi-fi, stereo, comfy seating, and free candy.  And our plumbing works. Usually. Just kidding, it works all the time. Usually.

Here’s a couple of pics; the studio shown is medium-sized.

How much does it cost?

Prices start at $395 for a month-to-month lease; that includes 24-access and all the other amenities, but it does mean that, when we start filling up, you’ll need to share the space. $1020 a month gets you full lockout: you decide who uses the space, when, how many people, and so on. Those leases last one year. Come down for a tour and we’ll match you with the space for your needs.

$1000…that’s a bit steep for me and my band.

You can get up to three (3) other bands besides yours to share the space with you. Four bands with four members each at $1000 a month breaks down to about $60-70 per person per month — and remember, you get more space than other studios tend to offer. You can also work it so you don’t pay rent at all, or pay less than the other bands you’re sharing with, if you’re the master lease-holder.

Good deal. So we all pay you separately, or…

The master lease-holder pays us each month, and is responsible for all of his/her/their sub-lessees. Don’t worry, we can explain the whole kit to you in person or over the phone. Just hit the Contact Us page and drop us a line. (Over to the left there.)

Can I get a shorter-term rental?

You sure can.  Call or email for a rate quote; we can set you up with weekly, or monthly rates, and lockout consideration if you need it.

I’d like some sound-recording/AV services available on-site.

No problem, my friend; King Killer has those capabilities.  Our in-house production staff can help you with all of your audio/video needs.  Just let them know what you have in mind.

What about visual arts — do you have dedicated space for that?

If you want it, then yes, we certainly do; the rates are the same as for bands.  Call or email to discuss specifics.

Did we miss anything? Email us at kingkillerinfo at gmail dot com with any questions or suggestions.


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