King Killer Studios – Brooklyn Music Rehearsal Spaces

Current Tenants’ FAQ

My band has a brace of shows coming up — can we add that to your event calendar?

Sure, no probs. Send an email to kingkillerinfo at gmail dot com and we’ll post it. Better yet, Tweet it at us (@kingkiller69) or post it to our Facebook wall.

What if we’re not KK clients?

Well, you should be, dude. Email us anyway; we’ll consider it.

Can we leave our flyers/cards in the lobby?

Yes, of course. We’re not responsible for what happens to them, though.

I’m a current tenant and renowned cheapskate. Does my lease get me any free crap?

Cheapskates = our people! Yes, it does. Referrals that result in a signed lease, where the lessee mentions your name/band specifically, get you a one-time $200 rent rebate for your next month’s rent. (We will notify you in writing that you’re eligible for this.)

Tenants also get more progressive rates for using our recording technician, and of course we will list you on our calendar, and in any PR materials, for free (want us to link to you on the blog? Send an email).

Basically, any kind of side dealie you want to do, call us and we can discuss it.

The bathroom’s out of soap/the wi-fi’s freaking/it’s 2 AM and the lift isn’t working, aiieeeee!!

During office hours, find Dave, Sarah, or Sol; one of us is usually around. If not, go to the Contact Us page, pronto, and figure out which one of us you need to call. You should probably program the office number into your phone; our outgoing voicemail will have the other numbers you’ll need.

If it is in fact 2 AM, ask yourself if it’s a legitimate emergency. If it isn’t, just leave a voicemail and we’ll get to it.

What are the hours for load-in, lift use, and so on?

You have a front-door code; you come in when you need to. Just a reminder that we have cameras all over the place, so no after-hours shenanigans, please.

What qualifies as a shenanig–

Read your lease rider, yo.

Should I give anyone who’s not a KK client the front-door code?

No. For the security of all paying clients — and their gear — your front-door code should only be known to you and your roommates.

If you’re worried because you gave it out to someone who probably shouldn’t use it, please contact Dave or Sarah ASAP and we’ll change it for you.

Can I get my mail at/direct my calls to the studio?

No. We get your mail, we’re throwing it away. Please get a P.O. box.


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